siswati Breeding

The Siswati approach to game breeding is to ensure we maximize the potential of any gene pool. We aim for perfection in everything we do at Siswati Game Breeders and as a result we have produced breeding perfection over the past 10 years.

Our animals graze in large, spacious breeding camps with ample access top quality grazing to ensure that the animals are adapted and raised in their natural environment. We supplement their diet with top quality feed to ensure that our animals are in outstanding condition all year round.


The Sable is a barrel-chested rotund antelope with a long face, short neck, and dark mane. They have impressive ringed horns rising vertically to curve backwards. When arching their necks and standing with their heads high and tails outstretched. Males reach about 117–140 cm (46–55 in) at the shoulder.


They have 10 or more prominent white stripes on the lateral sides of the body. Both males and females have V-shaped white markings between the eyes. Nyala has long ears and excellent sense of hearing. … Males are equipped with 28 inches long, spiral curled, yellow-tipped horns.


Athletically-built medium sized antelope. The Black Impala is not a subspecies, but a color phase of the Southern Impala. Black Impala were developed by selective breeding; the color of the entire body is all black. Only the males have horns. They are very rare, hunted by hunters who have traveled to Africa extensively.


A New Species of Impala in South Africa only! We offer the opportunity to hunt and harvest World Record Class South African White Flanked Impala. You can expect a 20-22 inch White Flanked Impala Ram on average. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the White Flanked Impala in SA.

Professional game management throughout the year enables us to monitor and conduct ethical breeding methods and to carefully select breeding pairs that ensure we deliver healthy animals with perfect confirmation, strong immune systems, trusted bloodlines and desirable genetics. This ensures that all offspring provide guaranteed future return on investment.

All animals brought onto the farm are carefully scrutinized in advance according to strict criteria to ensure that all prospective breeding animals are correctly chosen to enhance the quality of the herd on the farm.